There is no horizon that a smile can’t clear, no adversity that it can’t overcome. Imagine what two smiles can do! Radiant in their wedding day in Ravenna, Meg and Rob have spread their joy onto everyone with the simplicity of true love.

    In the Art Museum of the city, head of the Romagna region, the air was electric, like it is for big occasions. the two brides, both dressed in white, have celebrated their union held by the embraced of the ones who love the the most.

    The reception continued at Aloa Beach in Marina Romea. Toasts, dances, kisses: the enthusiasm was soon overcoming and it transformed itself in a colorful and irresistible party. It is hard to forget a day like that. the reportage pictures show all their joy, love, and the beauty of Meg and Rob’s union. A memory that I will alsays keep in my heart.