With some couples, the line between work and friendship blurs with time, until it fades completely. I met Danilo and Paolo two years ago, at their wedding planned by Laura Bravi, and since then we never lost touch. For their second wedding anniversary, they have chosen the Agriturismo Casa Vallona and the beautiful surrounding hills for a shooting that celebrated their love.

Bologna’s countryside at the end of August is a true spectacle, immersed in magic colors that lightly anticipate the arrival of fall. Danilo and Paolo, as in love as when they first met, have not been shy on kisses and tender touches, bringing life to the eternal magic of love.

Seeing them being so in love and connected gave me incredible feelings. Their story is delicately beautiful and overwhelming at the same time. While telling it, I was able to frame the looks of two that, every day, exchange their vows for life.