In Monticelli d’Ongina, between Piacenza and Cremona, lays Cascina la Secca. Once residency of the Counts Manfredi, it is today a sought after wedding venue for intimate and chic celebrations, just as Mattia and Leda’s.

    The two lovers haven’t been shy on kisses, embraces and tenderness. Piacenza’s countryside, with its timeless charm, has greeted them in a blaze of warm tones and delicate shades. The ample porch and the pool offered the shade and that touch of refinement that the occasion requires, enhanced by the decor created by Il Ghirigoro Bottega.

    After the cake cutting, everyone was called on the dancing area, ready to shake it. it was impossible for guests and for the couple, to resist the call of the pool! And when the latest note was played and the latest guest was leaving, the sweet melancholy that a perfect day leaves behind was left lingering in the air. Best wishes to Leda and Mattia, for this love that, I am sure, will never cease to give them joy and smiles.