Tuscany is one of the destinations I love the most in Italy, one of those places where I go with more enthusiasm when I have to shoot a wedding or an engagement session. A wonderful land, full of charme, culture and traditions that leaves me breathless every time I visit.

Wedding in Tuscany - Reportage by Igor Albanese

Its territory is big and very diversified. It contains art cities like Florence, that alternate with beautiful rolling hills with a great food and wine oriented calling, like the Chianti Valley. Tuscany is an authentic jem that the whole world is envious of, and not just from recent times. we can give a look at literature history to discover that what ties us to the modern day tourist and international travellers is a relationship rooted in the long gone past, that time hasn’t changed.

On the contrary. Looking at data, Tuscany today is the destination most sought after from couples that want to get married in Italy or frame in an unforgettable setting their proposal or engagement. Why?

It’s simple: Tuscany has all that it takes to create an unforgettable wedding. In general, it is the perfect embodiment of romanticism, thanks to a mix of culture, great food, breathtaking landscapes and some between the most exclusive venues in the world. The territory is so diversified and this is certainly a part of its value, meeting the needs of who looks for art sightseeing (Florence, but also Pisa, Siena, San Gimignano, Volterra, Arezzo, Lucca) but also of who wants more intimate and natural settings (the wonderful countryside of Chianti, famous for the quality of its wine and food offerings), or Valdorcia for its famous wines and world known landscape of rolling hills and cypress lined roads (Montalcino, Montepulciano). Palaces, castles, villas, farmhouses: there are so many options to choose from!

In the website you can find some examples of my shootings in Tuscany: Cinthia’s and Pasquale’s anniversary, or Sylvia and Luis’s, in San Gimignano, and Azadeh and Ray’s engagement in Siena’s countryside, or Lotta and Adrian’s wedding in Val d’Orcia. The wonderful spectacle of colors, with the blue of the shy that meshes with the green and gold of the hills with woods and vineyard, always gets to me. But also history, culture, traditions, that jump out of every monument, every church, every little alley. There is no better place for a wedding, or for a promise or romantic session. 

In these cases, I love to put the couple at ease and make them forget I am there. Spontaneity is fundamental to be able to capture the beauty of emotions. I encourage them to relax and laugh, joke, hold hands and get lost in the landscape, like the world was all there, in those views.

Tuscany, with its antique grace, its knowing and delicate beauty, is the perfect destination to make emotions bloom and capture them for eternity in my frames.

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