If you need an idea for a striking wedding in a fairytale setting, you have so many location choices in Italy. Our Country is full of wonders, historical and natural beauties, enhanced by the growth of wedding tourism. I have had the chance to photograph a lot of these sceneries, and I admit that some have seemed to me to be more fabulous than others, like Lake Como.

A Como Lake marriage

In the mind of a lot of people, this location is famous for the incipit of the The Betrothed, but its charme is so much bigger that it made it become one of the most sought after destinations for couples that choose Italy for their wedding.

Its enchanting landscape has inspired artists for centuries. The Romans were first: the colony of “Nova Comum” was founded by Julius Caesar in 54 a.C. But it was in the romantic era that the  collective imagination was struck by the lake, thanks to its natural beauty made of thick woods and slopes that cascade straight into the water. Since then anyone, from Goethe’s to Hollywood’s stars time, the lake witnessed great passions and unforgettable love stories, so much so, that a wedding in Lake Como is something people from all over the world desire.

The geographical placement ensures a mild climate, ideal for ceremonies from March to October. Getting married in Lake Como is an unique emotion, but also being able to tell the story of the wedding isn’t too bad! I have had a few chances to shoot here: among the works published on this website, you’ll find for example Marta and Daniele’s wedding reportage. Every time is like the first time though! I stop to observe the mixing of nature, the calm waters, the lovely shores, the villages, and the balance and beauty of it all always amazed me.

That’s why getting any request from couples that want to marry in Lake Como makes me so happy. There are not many other places that offer such a synthesis of nature and elegance. Be it natural light, in the middle of the day, or during one of the amazing sunsets that warm up the atmosphere, or artificial lights, the magic of this location remains untouched, and it can gift us with unforgettable moments on every occasion.

I love details, natural elements, discretion. This is why I leave my couples free to wander and immerse themselves in the scenery. Like in a spell, that you can also breathe in, and touch, and whose memory won’t ever stop moving or surprising you.

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