At your service

Your weddings and important occasions are unrepeatable and must be treated with care. This applies to everything that happens before, during, and after. For this reason, I am at your service to answer all your possible questions, support you in every step, and help you achieve the best possible result.


In many years together, we have experienced many weddings from all points of view: as spouses, photographers and as organizers. We can be your allies to make your memories and your images perfect.




I don’t go to a wedding to push buttons on my camera: I go to tell the story of the day, with naturalness and elegance. I’ll be with you from the preparations. I’ll follow you during the ceremony and I’ll probably tear up. I’ll photograph your loved ones and the two of you, giving you a moment of privacy in a day where you’ll have very little of it! I’ll tell your moments and details of your celebration, big and small, as best as I can.



If you want some images to look back at in a few years, to remember a special moment, or just to see you at your best, we can organize a couple’s session. After planning the details of location, timeline, and outfits together, we will meet to create beautiful memories, without any stress or rush. There is no particular reason for wanting photos, but a lot of couples choose this service to celebrate engagements, anniversaries, pregnancies, and travels.



I like photographing people, but I also shoot all that revolves around brands big and small, with a lot of passion. From formulating the concept, to building a team, to creating the service, my editorials are artisanal products that I make with love. Suitable for floral designers, graphic designers, venues, beauty professionals, planners, and stylists that want to launch or refresh their image.



How would you describe your style?

Natural, for sure. I don’t like forced things, and I think my photography should communicate positivity, joy and emotion.

I don’t offer complex retouching and I try to naturally enhance the beauty of people, places and details


Do you shoot group pictures?

Yes. Family pictures are important, even if you might want to skip them, someone will ask for them later on. We’ll think of a game plan together in advance so we can be sure to get everyone!


Will you pose us?

Just a little. I’ll ask you to dedicate at least half an hour to me for some couple’s pictures, where I’ll direct you very loosely. trying to get the best out of you.

I won’t ask you to do anything strange!


Where do you work?

I live close to Bologna but I can reach you wherever you are. I have often worked in Rome, Milan, Tuscany, Apulia, Liguria and many other places. I can’t wait to see new ones!


How do we book you?

First of all: thank you for wanting me!

I will send a contract to read and sign and I’ll ask you to pay a deposit. I can’t hold a date without these two conditions.


Do you work alone?

It depends on the wedding, on the location, on the number of guests. If I think an assistant is needed in your case, I’ll let you know so we can evaluate the situation together.

If you want a second photographer I can offer it as an extra.

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