Love needs to be renewed every day. It’s not enough to say it, you need to show it. This is what Azedeh did, surprising her Ray. While planning a surprise vacation in Italy, she chose to complete her soon to be husband’s birthday celebration gifting him with an engagement session!

The location choice ended up being the countryside around Siena, among sweet hills, wide green and gold fields, and small villages. Imagine how surprised Ray was when he found himself in the middle of an engagement shooting! I had the privilege of following them, capturing their kisses, embraces and caresses; I saw them laughing, playing, holding hands and sharing glances, like everything outside of them didn’t exist.

Azadeh and Ray have spread their happiness, sweetness and their enthusiasm towards the future onto me. They will get married in April in the USA. I can only wish them happiness and jow, the same that are a testimony of their love and that make this session go to my favorites folder.