Being in love with Italy, Silvia and Luis chose Tuscany for their engagement session. It is all due to the landscape, obviously: hills, vineyards, enchanting little medieval villages, breathtaking views. These are all elements that you can find within a short distance in a delightful little town in the Pisan outback, San Gimignano.

    The session took place between the countryside and the historical center of the medieval village. Illuminated by a honey color light, Silvia and Luis enjoyed the peace and the timeless charm of the land, walking hand in hand through the fields, stopping by to pick some wild flowers. The historical center of San Gimignano has then received them in the warmth and charm that are typical in Tuscan borgos, so full of history and beauty.

    It was still nothing, if compared to the joy and love in Silvia and Luis’s eyes, that never left each others’. The two perfect halves that meet under the wonderful sky of Tuscany.