It's a pleasure to meet you

Based in Bologna, always on the go

I love to photograph wedding and happy moments, interesting people and special places

I like to define my style as simple and natural, choosing to highlight soft lights and natural colors, respecting reality without twisting it, but giving it a pinch of something magic.

I don’t love to intrude on your days, this is why I’ll stay in the background most of the time, stealing frames of the most significant moments and details. To give you memories that will last the rest of your life.

I would love to photograph your important moments. I will do it with the same care and passion that I choose to shoot my own.





I was born and raised in Milan but I have been living in Bologna’s countryside for ten years. No, I haven’t lost my accent.
I am married to Laura and dad to Leonardo and Greta.
I love to chat. Try and stop me.
A good beer, a moment of peace, a hike on a mountain, cuddling my little ones on the couch: the small pleasures I would never live without.
And now, please tell me about you!


Right Hand

Laura shares a house, two children, and a vegetable garden with me. She has always been by my side for all the behind-the-scenes management, and she is often with me personally on the field, during weddings. Her eye is trained by years of wedding planning, making her perfect for capturing details, anticipating important moments, and her passion for languages ​​makes her the perfect interpreter when there are international guests!