My style privileges delicate colors and soft lights, because I hope my images will survive the test of time and the passing of trends. I love to travel and I’ll be happy to reach you wherever you are. I would like you to think of me as a friend to put your trust into.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer for your special day to put you at ease, to capture you in a romantic and poetic way, to freeze in time those moments of a day that goes by too quickly, I hope you can find that person here, in me.




I was given the gift of entering the life of many people, and of being able to stop a fragment of it in an image. That moment is unique, it cannot be repeated, and the image is all that will remain. This gift is also a great responsibility, which I take on with pleasure and honor. Precisely because I recognize the importance of this task, my goal is to rebuild it, without distorting it. A pinch of magic is all it takes. This is why naturalness is the most important value in my photographic approach. I am looking for cleanliness, light, shade. I try not to intrude, to be discreet in the space around you. I am looking for the true color of things and the flavor of your emotions. I try to respect reality and your memories.


It's all about love

“ When you want to keep a precise thing to yourself, everything else eludes us, while detaching from it, you can enjoy everything, without having anything in particular. “ Dominique Lapierre

Destination wedding photographer

My suitcase is always packed. I live in the Bologna hills but I can travel anywhere.